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We are very proud of our puppies all grown up! Our customers give us never ending compliments about their pups from us. Many are repeated customers. We are happy to give out names and email info from our very satisfied owners upon request!

  Karen  - I got Bane from you in 2015 from Lena. He is the most incredible dog. I cannot say enough good things about him. His temperament and drive to hunt are unreal! He is my best friend.  As you can see from the pictures he is as handsome as can be. He is about 90 lbs now and solid as a rock. He has been an incredible addition to my family and is an exceptional hunting dog. Not even 11 months old yet and he out hunts & has better obedience than dogs who have been doing it for years. Extremely intelligent with a one of a kind personality. I saw that you just had some more pups... Bane and I have been discussing about the possibility of him getting a brother soon.  Are there any that are unspoken for still? I would love to find out. I hope all is well and talk soon!! Chris

River/Grand Litter   -
Karen, The third time is a charm! 'Stush' is our third Lamborn Labrador. He's incredible, he'll melt you with a glance! I can't even explain it. Our first two from Sky and the Ruger boys and now Stasiu from River and Grand. Wow this little guy is a gem. He's integrated into our family effortlessly. The three of them play, and hang out constantly. He's crate trained, and potty trained and we've only had our little guy 43 days. He's learned "sit", "down", "off" "wait", and "stay" already. Well, stay is ongoing . . . He's like a shadow everywhere we go. I want to say it again. Thank you! Your passion for breeding exceptional dogs is just awesome. Our vet has even commented on his health, build, stature and temperament. Thanks again.    Michael & Pam 

River/Grand Litter -   Onyx (Green Collar Boy)    

Hello Karen,  We are so pleased with our new little boy, 17 weeks, 24 lbs.! Onyx has been with us for already 3 months and we love him so much! He knows commands in English and French (sit, pawn, down), he is crate and potty trained as well. We have to admit that he is a little spoiled but he is so stinking cute and we cannot help it! Again, thank you Karen for this quality pup and we can't wait for the summer litter to come (yes, getting another pup)!  Hope everything is well with you, I know we will be in touch!  Jessica and Jarrod

Sept 2018 - Just an update for you.. Cole had over 15 retrieves on geese today on his first official hunt.  He did great and is coming along nicely.  He's 60 lbs and his desire for birds is great!  Friends were all impressed for being less than 10 months old.   Scott


Dec 2017   Karen, Your girl has become a fantastic waterfowler!  We are in Arkansas with a Christmas Speckled Belly Goose for the table when we get home!  She is loved immensely!  Don

July 2017  - Lamborn's Orange Collar Brother's, Cole 6 yrs old and Chase 3 yrs  old. They are at the Dog Beach in Long Beach NJ and having the time of their lives!  I have to say, my daughter, Katie and I are so proud of these boys and their interaction with other dogs.  Our boys are so well mannered, super friendly, the FASTEST SPORTIEST runners, not a dog in the park can beat them to the ball, and just simply gorgeous!  Thank you Karen! Hope all is well with you and your gang.  Bev

Dec 2016 ~  Hi Karen!

Happy Holidays! We hope you and your family are doing well! We wanted to share this picture of Tucker (green collar) and Gunner (blue collar) with you. They have grown up to be the most handsome boys and sweetest dogs! Now that I live closer to my parents, they get to see each other much more often. They absolutely love it and run around the yard for hours!
Thanks so much again for these wonderful pups!
Courtney and the Gallagher's

March 2017  - Hi Karen,

It’s been a while since we spoke. This past January Catie turned 5 years old she has as much energy today as the day we took her home, she is so smart and attentive and was so easy to train to commands. She gets nothing but compliments from everyone whether on a walk or out in the fields. She is a real social buttery loves everyone. We just would like to thank you again for bringing this young lady into our lives.  She came from great stock Ruger and Sky. You have the talent and care to produce such great dogs and also many become champions.   
 Thank You Bill, Carole and Catiegirl

A recent reference from a Lamborn's puppy buyer (former litter) to a potential customer for this litter. Yes, they purchased a pupper!!!
Hi Courtney,
I’m so glad you contacted me, because I have nothing but rave reviews for Lamborn labradors! Our puppy, who is also a pup of Lena and O’Reilly, is now 8.5 months old and has been so great. She is not only beautiful, but so amazingly sweet and smart. She is great with our 4 kids, who range in age from 6-13 years. Penny loves the dog park and gets along with other dogs so well. (In fact we have 2 neighbors who have older dogs who have been skittish/aggressive around other dogs, but somehow will only play with Penny). She is also great on trail hikes without a leash. Even from a young age, she would run ahead and then wait for us, always coming right back when she was called. She loves to run around, and has endless energy when she’s chasing balls or playing in the water, yet can be so mellow and sweet at home…definitely a great balance. She loves to be with us, and has been great in the car. We’ve taken her to Lake Placid, NH and Virginia and she travels well! So many friends and strangers have commented on what a good-looking dog she is AND how amazing her temperament is. We can’t go to the dog park without multiple people complementing her. The mix between American and English labs seem like the best of both worlds. She is so incredibly athletic, is not short and stocky, and has the beautiful head of an English lab. Right now Penny is just over 60 pounds. Our friends got a male from the same litter, and they have also been thrilled with their dog. He is about 10 pounds bigger than Penny already, and has the same awesome temperament.
Karen was great to deal with, and was well organized with all of the paperwork/vet records. She really does help with the potty training, as the pups really do know that it’s time to go to the bathroom when they are outside. I’ll attach a few pictures of Penny, so you can see how those adorable puppies look as they grow up! Penny is our first dog, and we truly couldn’t be happier – if we ever decide to get another dog, we would absolutely go back to Lamborn! Let me know if you have any other questions!  Lisa

Lena/O'Reilly Pups - Hi Karen! I hope you are doing well! I wanted to share a few pictures and videos with you of Tucker (green collar) and Gunner (blue collar). I can't believe they are already 9 months old! I had Tuck at the vet last week and he weighed in at 75 lbs. He is just the sweetest boy and SO full of energy. I took him to a dog park with a lake this past weekend to swim. It was the first time since I moved from Georgia in April that he's been able to swim. He just loved it!! Take care! Courtney

Lena/O'Reilly Pup - Hi Karen.  We wanted to thank you for the awesome puppy we adopted from you.  Vader is such a wonderful addition to our family.  He is so loving, extremely gentle and very smart.  This Saturday he will graduate from  his first puppy class, and he has been doing an outstanding job.  He loves to spend time playing with his big brothers, Oreo and Snoopy.  He is housebroken and does very well in his crate.  He has such a wonderful temperament.  I even took him in to school meet an entire class of first graders, and he was wonderful!  He has gone to the vet for his regular check-ups, and she told us it’s obvious he came from a great breeder and is very healthy.  We are so in love with him and feel so blessed to have him as part of our family.  Thank you so very much!  Jim, Jen, Luke and Bryce

Lena / O'Reilly Pup - Karen, just wanted to drop you a line. In regards to Maya I think a crime has been committed...she has stolen ours hearts. Maya is everything we hoped for, smart, loving, social, and a strong desire to please. At 11 weeks she could sit, lay down, paw shake, retrieve and drop. Except for a few #1 accidents, Maya was nearly house broken when we got her. Our Vet says Maya is in excellent health (he has a 1 yr old lab) and wrote down your web site to recommend to future lab owners. Tell Lena and O'Reilly they can be very proud of their daughter.
Good Job Karen ...  Brian, Yvonne, Allyse and Conor  

Lena / O'Reilly Pup - Hi Karen!
Wanted to updated you on Tucker! He is doing great and such a happy boy! We just went for our 12 week vet appointment and he is already 24lbs! I can't believe how quickly he is growing! Tucker is loving life down here in Georgia and the warm weather. It was so warm this past weekend, that he went for his first swim. He was a natural! He loves going for hikes and running around with his other puppy friends at the park. He is a very smart pup and so easy to train. Thank you so much for all the work you do with these puppies from day one, it truly shows! Tucker is such a joy and I am so happy to have him! Take care, Courtney

Lena/O'Reilly Pup - Hi Karen, Here is a recent picture of Coal!  He is doing great.  We are having so much fun with him and the snow on the weekend was just the icing on the cake. He has slept through the night since his 2nd night home with us!  Such a good boy.  He loves outside and will sit by the door when he needs to go out for the bathroom as well.  I think your set-up in the basement with access to the outside and grass really helped to get him trained early.  We have had no problems at all. Thank you for everything.  We love our new addition! Take care, Karen & Family
Lena/O'Reilly Pup - Hi Karen, Our puppy, Gunner, from Lena/O'Reilly's litter is almost twelve weeks old. As you can see from the pictures he is absolutely beautiful!! He quickly adjusted to our home and was housebroken from day one. We have him crate trained and he made it through the night the first week without any accidents. He picks up commands right away and loves working on them and learning new ones everyday. He gets along great with our six year old chocolate female, Josie, and loves to cuddle with our family. He has a wonderful disposition and is extremely intelligent!! Thank you Karen for all your hard work from the beginning! We highly recommend Lamborn's Labs!!!! Paul & Family

Hi Karen,

It’s hard to believe our little guy is 6 months old already. Here are some updated pictures of Brody, who is getting close to 70 pounds. He’s definitely going to be a big dog, which I love! Our vets office make a major fuss over him, they refer to him as the precious boy!  You picked a wonderful dog to breed with Lena. The pictures of Brody don’t even do him justice, he is sooo handsome (I am his mother, so I may be a bit biased haha). He is so sweet, extremely smart, and has a great personality. My husband and I don’t hunt, but my dad did and he was thrilled to see his instincts kick in when he started walking a field. Brody is my first male lab, after having three females growing up, I would get another male in a heartbeat, he is such a cuddler and excellent with other dogs and especially babies.  The one picture is him laying with my parents dog (for Josie and Ruger’s litter) – she is very patient with her constant shadow. Thank you so much for providing us with an amazing addition to our family. I can’t get enough of him!   Holly and Cole Weaver

Lena/O'Reilly Litter - Hi Karen,
 We are all so in love with “pink”, who we have named “Penny” since my husband coaches lacrosse at UPenn. She is an absolute sweetheart, is absolutely beautiful, and is so smart. She has been amazingly good about pottying outside, and does so within 20 seconds of being out! Thank you for making that process easy for us! Other dog owners can’t believe it when I tell them that she’s only had 2 small accidents since we brought her home Friday, both of which where just small tinkles right by the door as she was waiting for me to open it. She loves playing in the yard with the kids and then conks out hard for some well needed rest!
Thanks so much for everything. Lena and O’Reilly did a great job! We couldn’t be happier!
Lisa and Mike

 Ruger/Jocie Litter Karen, Well it’s been an interesting year. Rosie started off just like I had hoped. She liked pheasant wings 2 weeks after she came home!! She was introduced to pigeons at 5 mo’s. Pheasants and chukars at 8 mo’s and her first duck at 9mo’s. This dog has impressed some of the most hard core hunters at my hunt club. Incredible willingness to learn, and calm and steady in the blind. Her highest complement was from a guy who said “I have hunted with a lot of dogs thru the years and I have never seen one as well behaved as Rosie”. Her last hunt of the season in Maryland is the picture I am sending you. She made her first water retrieve that day on a goose that was still alive. Needless to say I felt sorry for the goose. When Rosie is on game she is all “business”. Thanks for an incredible pup who is on her way to being my best bud!!! Still “loving her”! Stan

Ruger/Jocie Litter Hi Karen, We just wanted to send you a note to thank you again for Hazel. She is growing so fast and she is so beautiful! We get compliments all the time on how gorgeous her coat is and how sweet she is, and we can't thank you enough. She is learning so fast, she knows so many commands already and housebreaking her was easy because she already knew to go right to the door. We took her out to a field yesterday just to get used to being in a field and she is soooo good. She stays right with us and is so eager to please and get the birds! We recommend you to everyone we know looking for a great dog! 

Some pictures are a little blurry and she wasn't supposed to be allowed on the furniture but we can't help it when we look at that face!  She loves the fireplace too. She lays right in front and basks in the warmth. It's so cute. The ones outside were her first day home. Thanks again!  Feel   free to use us as referrals.    Vicki and Dave

Ruger/Jocie Litter

Good Morning Karen, We have named the pup...Blitz. He is such a joy and starting to come out of his shell. He just loves to be loved and wants anyone and everyone to pet him. Well here is a picture of us three in front of the tree. Thank you so much for such a joyful dog. His eyes are just so cool!! Will be keeping in touch with you,enjoy the holiday season.

Jackie and Gerry

 Ruger/Jocie Litter  Hi Karen, With the litter's second birthday in just a few weeks, I wanted to send you another update on Java.  She is an absolute joy!  She has incredible drive when you want her to, but is calm and relaxed when appropriate.  Java has become the biggest snuggler in the house.  She has to be touching you when she sleeps.  She has also found her sport:  frisbees.  She will do anything for a frisbee.  She took first place in the first frisbee competition she entered.  I also took her and Mocha hunting this year for pheasants.  She shows excellent natural instincts in the field.  The comments I receive about her are endless.  She gets compliments about her looks, temperament, and behavior.  Java will be taking her therapy dog test in February so she can come to office with me.  My dental practice is mainly special needs patients, and a therapy dog has a calming effect.  Not to mention, it will be awesome to have her with me at work!  Thank you again.  I only wish you would have more chocolate puppies.  I am a chocolate lover, and am looking to add a puppy to family sometime next year.  I have attached a few recent pictures for you.

Laura B. Holena, DDS
Team CoffeeDogs

 Jocie/Ruger Litter  Karen: We named our female Penny, official will be Pennsylvania's Dakota Hunter.  Penny weighed 26 pounds today.  We were working with a gourd for retrieving today.  Very intelligent and loving dog. 

Craig H. - South Dakota

Jocie/Ruger Litter  Dear Karen, I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate your help in bringing little Major (Maximus Major Rebel Force) into my life!!  He is a JEWEL!  When I picked him up, I was amazed at how clean everything was!  I've raised puppies before and know how spectacular a clean environment is for those little babies, and how much work that involves!  Major is so socialized!  He loves to be held and really responds to praise!  What is truly unbelievable is how you had him practically HOUSE TRAINED when I brought him home on his little 49th day!  Soon as he discovered where the door and his back yard are (his first day home!) he knew that was the deal!  I took him to the Vet for his little check up (thanks for reminding me!) and the girls in the office wanted to keep him!  He was so calm and good!  He just held up his little paws for his nail clipping, didn't fuss when he got his shot, gave kisses freely, WHAT A SWEETIE!!! The Vet assured me Major will grow into his feet and ears!  His check up was PERFECT!  Also impressive, was the immaculate, complete set of records your sent us home with!  I scanned them all and gave the Vet a copy...his office couldn't believe it!  I've bought precious little babies from some wonderful breeders in the past, but I must say, you take the cake in every department!!!  It is obvious how much you love and care for these little rascals!  I saw you give little Major a kiss good bye when we left your house.  You even made sure his little green collar was on him just right.  You helped me arrange his little travel kennel in my car to be sure he could see me when we were driving, you gave me a couple of days of his food, and you even tossed in a couple of little knotted toys with his litter's scent to keep him calm.  HOW KIND AND THOUGHTFUL!!! I've never seen a more caring, loving breeder!  I will keep you updated on Major's progress.  He loves the beach and is getting pretty good on his leash (he is a genius, you know)!  He knows his name and already "sits" and is pretty fearless (unless a vacuum is involved)!  Thank you so very much!  You have provided me with my new best friend!
Warm Regards, Pamela, Atlantic Beach, NC

ky/Ruger litter  
 Hi Karen! Couldn't wait to share these adorable pics of Jazzy (light blue)! She is doing great!! We love her soooo much! She has truly completed our family! She's so cute, smart, and loveable! She's a happy little puppy! Thank you so much!! We will be in touch! Ellen and Fred

Sky/Ruger litter  - Karen, A few pictures of  Wrigley at 10 weeks. Wrigley is coming along nicely, very intelligent with a great deal of energy. Now weighs 20lbs. Great dog, really coming along quickly. Seems to love the snow in Maine. Thanks, Mike

Update: Wrigs is a great dog, maturing all the time and becoming more responsive and disciplined.  Wrigley loves hiking in the Maine woods and swimming in the lakes.  We love his energy, attitude and character.

Best Regards, Michael H. Cox, Ph.D., FACSM

Sky/Ruger litter) - Hi Karen -Just an update on "Charlie" aka Lavender Girl. As you can see by pic - she's quite comfortable, still wonderfully calm although she has her moments. Transition to new food complete today. Put leash on her first time today and she did really well - like everything else she'll improve every day. Took a little 1/2 block walk - (she'll be going to work with me tomorrow so I'll have to put it on her to take her out to pee.) Haven't taken her to vet yet but she's adjusted very well - even at night time she's really good. Everyone loves her - my 2 year old granddaughter adores her. Thanks for a great pup - I knew it that first day! I'll keep you updated, Trish  

Hi Karen! I wanted to send you an update on our Scout, our chocolate lab we adopted from you! He is doing wonderfully and we are just in love with him! He has adjusted well being in our home. He is one happy playful lab! His vet checks have gone well, he's as healthy as can be, he's up to 18.5lbs now, and eats like a champ! He is a smart little guy-knows his name, has learned "sit", here", "let's go" and has learned how to sit politely when waiting to be fed. He also responds well to "No." He gets along great with Koda, our shepherd. They play and rest together! Housebreaking is coming along. He absolutely loves attention from people, loves meeting new people. We would like to thank you for giving us such a wonderful pup!! He has quickly become a loved member of our family! Thanks Karen! Dan and Colleen

Hi Karen, Attached are a few pictures of Bear. He is so cute and we are all loving him so, so much. He is so smart and seems to be adjusting to our schedules really well. He sleeps all night already!! He went to the vet last week for a full check up and they took pictures of him for their website because they thought he was so cute. Had his second round of shots today and he is already 15 lbs. Thanks so much for such a wonderful puppy. We will send more pictures soon now that the weather is a little better. Rachel

- Hi Karen, Letting you know that Molly is doing great after her first week in her new home. She is so smart and lovey. We have all bonded nicely. She gets an A in housetraining as she goes to the door and doesn't have any issues with toileting outside in the snow, matter of fact, she loves running around exploring, which leaves me trudging thru the snow with her. She gets and A in Labrador 101. She will fetch and retrieve a favorite stuff toy about 8-10 times, we're working on the drop command. We're doing well with the crate, although it's mostly night she's in there. She only whines a little now but has no fear of the crate. She weighed 9.11 lb but I think she's already gained a pound or two! She starts puppy obedience/ socialization class at the end of the month. My husband and I want to thank you (& Jocie), for such a wonderful pup and already trying to decide how many years before we'll be ready for a sister for her! Michelle & Pat

- Hello Karen, I want to let you know that Gunner is doing great. I am impressed with both how quick he learns and his good temperament. While these are both qualities I expect in a Lab, Gunner is demonstrating he is exceptional in both regards. I was worried about housebreaking after moving him to a new home. This proved to be almost entirely a non-event. He has had a few small accidents but these were on the way out. He is now very good at letting me know when he needs to go (who is training who?) I have had to leave him for extended periods of time and these have been without incident. Thank you for the consideration in getting Gunner. He is going to turn out to be a great hunter and great family dog (he already accomplishes the latter.) Joe

                                                Cooper is also on our homepage!!

We love Cooper so much! He's so smart and seems to be making good progress. He loves the snow, he shovels the driveway with me every day (lately.) He gives good puppy kisses. We take the dogs to PetSmart with us. People totally love Cooper. People have stopped me in the store to take pictures of him and want to ask where I got him. Commands he's got down: Sit, Here, Kennel, Outside, Drop, Down. I'm so proud of my little buddy. He's healthy, happy and adjusted to his new home very well. He's my new best friend. Can't wait for spring. Thanks, Jeff

Karen, I cannot thank you enough for Riley, she is amazing! She is very smart and has definitely become "Daddy's Girl"; we are enjoying every minute of it. I've attached a photo of her from about two weeks ago but she has grown a lot, she is over 20lbs already! She's doing well in her crate although we had to move it several places around the house before she was finally happy. Our other dog is doing pretty well with her, they play together and romp around the house. We can't wait until summer when we can take her to the beach and are even thinking about DockDogs. Again, we couldn't be happier and wanted to thank you again for our beautiful girl! Melissa and Bill

- Hi Karen, I have had a few Labs but so far none as smart and quick learning as this pup. He just wants to please. Crate trained first night, lots of crying but he is over it. Not afraid of anything so far, loves wings, chasing my chickens, running and exploring everything. My son named him Duke. Thank you very much, you have great dogs. John Picone

Hi, Just wanted to drop a line to say hello. I hope that you are doing well.

I wanted to take a minute today to pass along some pictures and comments. Ruger & Sky sure do know how to make a G R E A T puppy!

Thank you very much for providing such a beautifully bred, wonderfully tempered and extremely intelligent little girl. Tola has been an absolute joy. She is so intelligent it is scary!! She picks up on commands (both verbal and visual) very quickly and she has integrated into our household very well. Following are some photographs starting with the car ride home to Pittsburgh up to about one week ago. She slept a lot . . . in the beginning. She’s a lot more active now and weighs 49lbs. She’s an absolute joy. She’s become such a big part of our lives so very quickly. She gets many compliments from all of our visitors. You’re name is spreading around here in Western PA!

I’ll pass along more as she grows. We’re very pleased. Thanks again.  Michael

Karen, well Otis is 5 months old now and has been an absolute joy.  He is extremely easy to train and listens well.  He looks forward to retrieving the paper for me each morning. We take him swimming each weekend and will retrieve until he can't stand up anymore.  Although his mom makes him wear his life jacket when he is in the water.

I hope all his brothers and sisters are doing well.  Say hi to Ruger and Sky for him.


 Duff is also on our homepage!

Karen, Duff is doing GREAT.  Retrieving on land and in water, housebroken, and is socializing well with kids and other dogs.  He's been retrieving birds, has been exposed to 12 gauge, knows his basic obedience.  I started casting with hand signals.  Hope all is well with you, thank you and Sky and Ruger for a great pup! Harry

Karen, here's Duff with his first birds (real retrieves).  He retrieved these on water, not bad for 6.5 months.  He's been taking hand casts since about 4.5 months, and should have been named "Drive". He's got a great temperament, loves people and other dogs.  As you can see he's all legs and can run with my neighbor's English Pointer and Brittany (for a while at least).  Forced fetching is next.  I'm looking at hunt tests, but they are few and far between. We'll keep working and see how it goes.  Thank you to you, Ruger, and Sky for a great pup!  Harry

Hello Karen,
Miles is doing Great!! He is so handsome:) I can not believe that he is 4 months already. His training is going very well. I hope all of his brother and sisters are doing just as well. I will continue to update you. Emily

Hello Karen, I wanted to send you a picture of Miles I had done this weekend for the fall. He is great and as you can see by the picture VERY handsome:)   Thanks again, Emily

Hi Karen: Here are a few pictures of Bailey on graduation day from puppy preschool. She is getting so big. The kids are having a blast with her. She is the cutest little dog in the world and soooo smart. I still get compliments from people on her color. She is sooo precious and getting so big. The kids are absolutely loving her.  She is going to training classes and is ahead of the class. She is sooo smart but we learned very quickly she will do anything for a treat. Thank you again. I thought you would be interested in seeing "Sky's baby". Can't thank you enough for her. Mary

Dear Karen: Coal continues to be doing very well.  He was at the Vet yesterday, and the Vet commented that he was very healthy and was very well maintained. He is sitting on command, most of the time, and he is working very well on the leash.  He goes to work with me every day, and my staff really enjoy his company. Again, he is everything we could have hoped for and more. Now you can see why at times his nickname is "handsome".  I know, when I look at his picture, it warms my heart too! Karen, I have had dogs all my life, but this one is pretty cool!  

 Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job! Pat, Pam and Coal

Dear Karen: This email is two-fold.  First, Coal is doing great!  He sits, stays, and goes down on command.  He is staying for 45 seconds, and I increase stay longer each day.  He is everything we could have dreamed for, and we are so happy we waited for him.  He started swimming at 10 weeks and really enjoys his visits to the water.  Housebreaking was very easy thanks to the good start he had.  He has been going to work with me, and every one at work loves him.     

The second reason I am emailing you is to let you know that my sister Val will be looking for a Lab. My sister lost her lab last Saturday. She was 11 years old, and had major surgery two years ago. I thought maybe a pup from Sky would be something for her to consider. I really want her to get a lab from good breeding, and I know you do everything right.  Don't be afraid to send photos of Sky and Ruger to her, she would really enjoy it.  Karen, any time you need a reference or if anyone wants to see Coal, Pam and I would be happy to show him to anyone.  I get it all the time, everyone who first meets Coal first comments how calm he is, and without prompting, they immediately say something about his coat.


Thanks again for everything. Pat D.

Hello, Karen:

My name is Patty O’Brien.  We spoke over the summer when you referred me to Sharon Valentino, owner of Lady.  We visited Lady and Ruger’s puppies and fell in love with a black female who we call “Winter.”  I wanted to tell you what an amazing puppy she is!  We have had 5 labs over the past 20 years and she is the smartest, most obedient, most pleasant puppy we have ever had!

She is 4 months old and weight 40 lbs. She was the largest pup in the litter.  Our vet is Dr. Frank Abel who owns Willow Run Vet Clinic in Willow Street.  He is very impressed with Winter and has assured us that we have an amazing dog!

Winter accepted the crate immediately and learned about the invisible fence in one day.  We have a 7-year-old yellow lab who is teaching Winter how to be a well-mannered lab.

Besides being a smart dog, she is beautiful!  Her coat is like velvet and she has the most amazing face.

We would love for you to see her some time. We live in Quarryville so it would be easy for us to drop by. 

Thanks again for this most amazing animal!


References sent to potential customers from happy puppy owners!!

We are very pleased with our beautiful yellow lab puppy "Suki" and our experience with Karen at Lamborn's Labs.  Jocie, Ruger and Sky, are in large dog pens on a nice wooded lot.  The dogs are all well taken care of, and very athletic and attractive labs.  Karen is a very nice honest breeder who takes wonderful care of the puppies and is great about sending updates, pictures and inviting visits during the pups' early weeks.  

Suki is healthy and has a wonderful temperament.  She sits on command and comes when called and did so right from the start.  She was house trained after about 2 weeks and hasn't had an accident since (3 more weeks).  She is great in her crate and never messes in her crate.  Suki also learned to retrieve the newspaper from the end of a long driveway on the first day home - amazing!  At 13 weeks Suki weighs just under 30 pounds and is active, fun and adorable!  Good luck with your future puppy,   Barbara

We picked up Coal from Karen on June 26th.  I took him to the Vet, and without prompting the Vet without knowing the pup's background, stated to me that the pup was very well maintained.  We have Coal now for five weeks.  He is now 30 lbs.  He learned to sit and stay his first week, and it took him a week to learn down.  He is doing well on his leash. Karen moved the pups to a back Kennel at 5 or 6 weeks and this was extremely helpful.  Coal has only made about a handful of mistakes in the house, and he has been the easiest dog so far to housebreak.  I work for a municipal water company, and Coal immediately started to go to work with me.  Everyone comments on his temperment and coat.   

Coal is not high strung.  So far, his conformation is excellent.  I plan on starting formal training next month with him.  

Coal will be our third Lab.  If you are looking for an excellent all around dog that can be used for hunting or just a good companion, stop looking.  Make time to go see Jocie and Ruger, you won't be sorry.  We had to wait six months, and I am so happy we waited. 

Any questions, please feel free to email me. 


Pat D