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Lamborn’s Labradors Guarantee 

Coatesville, PA 19320

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                                                                          CONDITIONS OF SALE


Your pup has: 1st Shots, General Health Vet Check-Up, Worming, Dewclaws Removed


Puppy is guaranteed to be purebred, registerable with the AKC, and that the pedigree is correct to the best of our knowledge.


All dogs are sold on good faith. No dog is sold for any specific use of guarantee of performance, such as, brood bitch, stud dog, or field trial/hunt test competitor. This puppy is not guaranteed for undecending testicals in males.


At this time the general health of your pup is excellent. If your puppy is found to be dysplastic or suffering from an inherited eye defect, the breeder will replace it with a puppy of equal breeding. We will select a replacement pup from one of our future breedings of equal value. This guarantee is good for 26 months of age on hips and 12 month of age on eyes.


OR: Because we hope that this dog will become an important member of your family, it is not necessary to return it or destroy it to collect on this agreement. Should you have a problem but want to keep the dog, we will, upon proof of hip dysplasia or eye defect, refund one-half of the original purchase price of the dog (not shipping.) The male/female must be neutered/spayed and proof of the same provided to us.


The OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) shall be the sole judge regarding hip dysplasia and the CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation) shall be the sole judge regarding eye defects. Overfeeding leading to accelerated growth of a puppy can CAUSE hip problems. Hip problems related to accelerated growth and overfeeding are not covered by this guarantee.


It is understood that the above warranties are expressly regarding congenital, hereditary defects and any physical injury to the dog voids this guarantee. Minor defects that are of little consequence for the puppy's health are not covered. Such as: an underbite, overbite, hernia, recessed vulva, etc. If the dog is bred before OFA/CERF Certification, guarantee is void. The guarantee is also void if the dog is sold or transferred to a new owner. These warranties are dependent upon demonstration that the puppy has received adequate care and nutrition. Abuse, neglect, excessive training/working during the pups first 8 months, trauma (i.e. jumping in the air for frisbees, going up and down apartment stairs, jumping out of vehicles), in any way that affects the development or well being of the puppy will void these warranties.


                                                     BREEDING INFORMATION


Sire: Lamborn's Show-Me Grand    Purchase Price of the dog - $1500.

Dam: Lamborn's River Run       Whelped Date:   April   2019

I have read the above conditions and agree to abide by those conditions.


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