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"Lamborn's River Run"

Pups Due: July 12, 2018 - This is a repeat litter which produced intelligent and beautiful pups. Deposits are accepted for a list of order and preference.  

Pics and testimonials from River/Grand's previous litter -
We have 3 repeat customers from this litter !

11 Healthy Beautiful Puppers.  Pups had their vet health check up.. and all are perfect!!  They are growing so fast! nooooo!!  They are pottying outside, so yes, potty training is in the works.  They play and retrieve pup bumpers, balls and toys.   These pups are in my home and monitored closely.  I spend a lot of time with each pup and know each one individually. Nails are trimmed weekly and area disinfected several times each day.  Availability is stated below

  3 Black (SOLD)       1 Yellow (SOLD)
Boys:  5 Black (SOLD)         2 Yellow (SOLD)

Boys:  Blue (SOLD) Orange (SOLD) Red (SOLD)  Green (SOLD) Light Blue (SOLD) Yellow (SOLD) 

Lime (SOLD) 

Girls:    Pink (SOLD)  Aqua (SOLD)  Purple (SOLD)  Plum (SOLD) 

Testimonial from this litter -   Onyx (Green Collar Boy)    

Hello Karen,  We are so pleased with our new little boy, 17 weeks, 24 lbs.! Onyx has been with us for already 3 months and we love him so much! He knows commands in English and French (sit, pawn, down), he is crate and potty trained as well. We have to admit that he is a little spoiled but he is so stinking cute and we cannot help it! Again, thank you Karen for this quality pup and we can't wait for the summer litter to come (yes, getting another pup)!  Hope everything is well with you, I know we will be in touch!  Jessica and Jarrod


Testimonial from this litter  -
Karen, The third time is a charm! 'Stush' is our third Lamborn Labrador. He's incredible, he'll melt you with a glance! I can't even explain it. Our first two from Sky and the Ruger boys and now Stasiu from River and Grand. Wow this little guy is a gem. He's integrated into our family effortlessly. The three of them play, and hang out constantly. He's crate trained, and potty trained and we've only had our little guy 43 days. He's learned "sit", "down", "off" "wait", and "stay" already. Well, stay is ongoing . . . He's like a shadow everywhere we go. I want to say it again. Thank you! Your passion for breeding exceptional dogs is just awesome. Our vet has even commented on his health, build, stature and temperament. Thanks again.
Michael & Pam 
Testimonial from this litter -

Brody  (red collar boy) is our second pup from Lamborn's Labradors.  He is very intelligent, driven, fearless, and best of all a cuddler like his Aunt Reagan. We bought Reagan two years ago and she is from Brody's fathers litter. He's an amazing pup from an amazing Breeder. Karen truly cares about what she's doing and loves the pups she sells. She turns out high quality dogs. We considered buying from another Breeder but when visiting their grounds there was no comparison. Karen does it right and the results are evident in the pups!

       14 week old Brody knows German and English commands -                                  looks like he will be ready by September!

Testimonial from this litter -

imber (yellow boy) is doing amazing. Getting bigger by the day and picking up on things very quickly. He is very confident and not easily distracted. He listens to my whistle and his name right away, especially when coming from me and even when playing with other dogs. He knows his name, my whistle, come, sit, and is starting to fetch with his toys that are all ducks. Took him to the vet last week and he's a healthy little pup. Got his vaccine and was such a good boy. Thank you so much for everything and finding Timber a loving family and home.  Matt

Hey Karen,
Here's another update on Cole (scoop, light blue boy). First off, I have to give you a ton of praise on your early potty training skills!  He is totally house broken and only had one #2 accident (on day 3)!  So thankful for that!
He's such a good dog it's really blowing my mind.  Very well-behaved and intelligent and his training is coming along nicely.  He's been introduced to a lot and loving it all.  Not scared of gun shots at all and he loves to retrieve!  
I see you're having another litter soon, too!  I will let friends and family know!!  Everyone comments on how handsome he is becoming!  Thank you again.    Scott 

We have been anticipating this litter for a long time !  This litter will inherit great traits from both sides. River is a beauty, very athletic, and intelligent with a packed pedigree (yes Skatch is her father!) Grand is a pup from our Lena (and folks are still wanting her puppers, she is retired), his personality is his mother's and compared to all the time. His pedigree has it all including Grady. And not to mention one heck of a handsome boy, check him out!  Pups are 1500.

We feed our Pups high protein 

     Diamond Puppy Food

River's pedigree is impeccable!! Her daddy is FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC Jazztime Bluegoose’s Skatch.  He has been very successful in field trials. River is a splitting image of her father. She is extremely smart and very athletic with tons of energy. She is intense when retrieving but knows when to be calm in the house. When she wants love and affection, she will let you know when she wants to sit on your lap and give you plenty of kisses!  She has a loving personality and is very loyal.  She has been in training and doing very well. She weighs 65 lbs.  I just love this girl ... look at that face!!

River's Daddy's FC AFC CFC CAFC Jazztime                                      Bluegoose's Skatch